on view in bridgehampton NY

Six Square House

Celebrating the unseen side of design at a unique location

on view in bridgehampton NY

Six Square House

Celebrating the unseen side of design at a unique location

Verso: the metric unit on which poetry is based. But also the flip side, the unseen, the off-beaten path.

Current locations:
Six Square House, Bridgehampton NY
Hudson & Duane, NYC

On view at hudson & duane

Soft & Sensitive

New York based designer Eny Lee Parker debuts Soft & Sensitive (a love letter to me). Her most intimate concept to date, the show reflects on the past year, during which Parker navigated aloneness alongside the idea of becoming whole. Juxtaposing a sense of nostalgia with a focus on the future, the collection showcases pieces that are lighthearted and playful; shapes that Parker was obsessed with drawing as a kid – such as stars, butterflies, and hearts – are now translated into furniture and lighting as an adult.

As a kid, I drew these simple shapes as an innocent, comforting gesture, but it was around this time that my mom noticed my talent and encouraged me to keep going. It can take only one person to see something in what may be ordinary to others, and with love and support, you have the potential to turn it into something special. This collection celebrates that inner child, being gentle with ourselves, our growth, and the mistakes along the way,” says Parker.

Hudson & Duane
51 Hudson Street
New York NY 10013

On view
Nov 12th - Dec 16th 2022
Monday through Friday
10am - 6pm


Six Square House

Our first location is the iconic, award-winning Six Square House in Bridgehampton, NY, designed by Young Projects.

The Six Square House is located in central Bridgehampton, within walking distance to Main Street and the LIRR Station.

By appointment only.
Book a visit.

Hudson & Duane

Our new location at the corner of Hudson & Duane in Tribeca NYC, born out of a collaboration with Lambert et Fils.

Together, Verso and Lambert et Fils will host a series of exhibitions featuring independent designers and studios in the coming months.

51 Hudson Street New York NY 10013
Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm

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